Our Society

This organization was formed back in 1909 by a small group of Italian immigrants who wanted their heritage to stay alive in this new country they had come to call their own.  They started gathering together in someone’s home on a regular basis.  Their group had expanded enormously over a short period of time so they decided to purchase some land.  They built a hall in the East End of Fort William which they could go to and enjoy the company of their friends and reminisce about their heritage and culture.

As the group became larger and larger, it was evident that there was a need to form an Italian Society.  The goal of their Society was to “promote and maintain good fellowship and the highest level of citizenship within members and the community.  The further goal of their Society was the promotion and enhancement of Italian custom and culture in all its endeavours.”

From there, they became more known to the community and their club started to grow even more.  Before long, they had a vast number of men becoming members each year.  What made this group very unique was the fact that they came from all regions of Italy.  There was no difference between the Northern Italians and the Southern Italians – they simply called themselves Italians; “Siami tutti Italiani” they would say.

In 1970, plans were made to build a new hall that would accommodate their growing membership.  For that purpose, they purchased additional land at the corner of Arthur and Waterloo Streets.  The present building, known today as the DaVinci Centre, was built mostly by volunteers who gave their valuable time, hard work and effort to help build what can be considered a testament to their culture and heritage.

In order to make this a strong and effective organization, members always help each other at all times when the occasion arises.  They will always honour their forefathers and the country of their birth and swear allegiance only to the Government of Canada, their country by birth or adoption.

Today, this Society is, generally speaking, one large family who ethically and respectfully address and class themselves as brothers.  The motto of this organization is…

“United We Stand, All For One And One For All”
“L’unita’ Fa’ La Forza, Uno Per Tutti e Tutti Per Uno”.